Taylors of Harrogate – Welcome to Coffee

Advert: Taylors of Harrogate – Welcome to Coffee
Music: Coucou (Listen To The Mocking Bird)

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This impressively unusual TV ad for Taylors of Harrogate presents a ‘coffee cosmos’, created by director Frank Budgen and his Gorgeous production company for BMB agency ‘with complete creative freedom’. It features images and objects set up on wires and tracks, and presents an experience that seems to evoke snapping synapses inside a brain, perhaps referencing the fact that coffee is a drug, used by many to kickstart their brains into gear of a morning. The soundtrack also features something else that can wake you up in the morning – birdsong – as part of a version of a popular American Civil War-era song called Listen To The Mocking Bird. It was written in 1855 by composer Septimus Winner (under the pseudonym ‘Alice Hawthorne’), and first recorded by singer Alma Gluck, with whistling by Charles Kellogg, in 1915 – 99 years ago. There have been scores of subsequent recorded versions, including one by Fred Lowrey, ‘The Blind Whistler’. UPDATE: The version in the ad can be found on the soundtrack to the film The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, which is a portrait of musician and performance artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and his partner and collaborator Lady Jaye. The track is titled ‘Coucou’, and is credited on the soundtrack to ‘Unknown’. (iTunes incorrectly credits the track to Genesis P-Orridge’s Psychic TV & PTV3.) So we still don’t quite know who performs this version, but we do know that it is available to download from iTunes and as a download and on CD from Amazon.


47 thoughts on “Taylors of Harrogate – Welcome to Coffee

  1. Joyce hardy

    My daughter found this for me ,but as a previous person has said you have to download the whole album ,I love this ,it very haunting

  2. Mark

    I played the music through Soundhound, and found the music on a film soundtrack album called The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, available to download from Amazon. The track is called ‘Coucou’ on the album.

    • Angela Scott

      Yes the music is from that album but you’d have to buy the whole album if you get it from Amazon. The actual track is called Coucou. And according to Taylors of Harrogate it is available from iTunes.

        • A Scott

          Hi Paul. Thanks for replying but your ‘link’ still seems to refer to the original music of Alma Gluck and not the actual music from the Taylors ad. Would still love to have this as my ring tone. But so far haven’t been able to find out into force this as I only have an Android phone.

          • Paul

            Hi Angela, the iTunes and Amazon links both point to the Coucou version as featured in the advert. As you are trying to listen on an Android device you will probably need to download on a desktop computer then transfer it to your phone.

            • A Scott

              Cheers. Will try that. I did ask Taylors what the music was and they replied that it was from the Ballad of Genesis album and the track was Coucou. I’ve tried so many things one day I’ll get it. Ta

  3. A Scott

    I so agree with all the previous comments. I too want this music as a ring tone. Is it possible to download it. And how do you make it your ring tone. Can anyone help.

  4. Valerie Miles

    Im seventy five but when I was a child their was a very popular record called In a Monastery Garden. I don’t know if any body else out there remembers it but it was extremely similar to this and also makes you cry. !

    • Ralph Caton

      In a monastery garden & In a Persian market were very popular back in the day, both by Alfred Ketelbey, I believe. Like Listen to the mockingbird, very evocative.

    • Edna

      Hi Valerie, I am 74 years old and have the sheet music to “In a Monastry Garden”. I still play it from time to time and love the Taylor’s of Harrogate advertisement. Edna.

    • kathleen croft

      I am also in my seventies and I wondered why I liked this music so much. I have now seen your comment about the in the Monastery Garden music and you are right. I can see why I like it so much it reminds me of my happy childhood listening to the radio. Can we get it yet as a ringtone

    • Stuart Ridge

      It makes me feel a bit like that too – don’t know why, I think it must be a childhood memory!

    • beth

      to kill a mockingbird. it’s beautiful isn’t it?, i want it as a ringtone. So clever, and so haunting

      • Ralph Caton

        The tune is called “Listen to the mockingbird”…
        ” To kill a mockingbird” is a book that Michael Give has got his knickers in a twist about. Not enough good coffee!

    • Paul

      Hi folks, please see the post you are commenting on, which is about the music in the ad ^^

  5. Marie alewis

    I truly love this advertisement. It is enchanting. I may buy some of their coffee!

    • beth

      when do you think we may be allowed to have it as a ringtone, how wonderful that would
      be, I probably would never answer my phone again…

  6. jonbarrettuk

    Not sure if this is for some special new mescaline-infused brew, but I love this ad. The best on the telly at the moment. The music reminds me of Jack Nitzsche’s hauntingly lovely soundtrack for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the visuals something like Disney’s Fantasia. Utterly memorable – which is very unusual for coffee ads.

  7. bobd

    So many adds use old recordings,, a) because music was music then and b) most of them are out of copyright.

    • Velocipede

      I won’t be buying their quite nice coffee until they make this track available for sale. Guess I could die to this music.
      Meantime buy really outstanding coffee at the Algerian Coffee shop in Soho London

  8. Anita Dartnall

    The music tracking reminds me of an older style Disney movie, similar to a scene in Snow White – I love the ad!

  9. Penny Corner

    My favourite ever advert, in fact the only advert I really want to appear on TV. Could watch being replayed over and over again – it gives me such a peaceful and uplifted feeling. Sorry though, but I don’t like coffee.!

  10. Lufty1

    Such a great opportunity for Taylor’s to make this recording available to their coffee-drinking customers who obviously love this great ( and unusual) music. Hopefully, it will be available for download soon?!

    • Arcaton

      I have no time for downloads – I like physical media. Probably not a flexi 45rpm, though….perhaps a 3″CD like Coke issued once.

        • Arcaton

          A mere bagatelle! I recall EMI back in the 1970s taking classic historic masters from the archives and repressing them on vinyl for collectors – I wonder if Alma Gluck’s recording was one of them…. it would depend on whether it was a Victor or a Gramophone Co. master … but the two companies were very close in those days.

  11. Pat Haines

    Just love this advert,the music is so gentle and mesmeric.Must make a cup of coffee!

  12. Sue Bell

    Fantastic, it encapsulates the magic of coffee, well done to both the director of the add and Taylors Coffee.

      • Arcaton

        I can’t think of any studio set up to make mechanical recordings – and arranging for an orchestra that size to use a domestic recorder? I doubt it. No, that’s an old ‘un cleaned up.

        • Paul

          You may be right, although there are lots of studios set up to make analogue recordings. Also, digital recordings can be filtered to give an “analogue feel”. Whichever, it’s a very nice recording.

          • Arcaton

            I’d agree with that… I used to collect 78’s and in the mechanical days there was no recording standard as such – even the speed would vary between labels – and you definitely get a flavour of the recording horn. Whoever thought to use that recording of that piece was one smart cookie. It gets people thinking, and they recall what the advert was about – unlike the Cinzano ads that people thought were Martini!

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