Kellogg’s – Storybook

Advert: Kellogg’s – Storybook
Music: Hush Music / Libby Kash

Are you looking for a more recent Kellogg’s Storybook TV ad?

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[Video has been removed]

This Kellogg’s ‘master brand’ TV ad traces the origins of the company’s cereals, from sunshine and grains, via a children’s pop-up book motif. The ad was directed by Yves Geleyn for the Leo Burnett London agency. The music was created by Hush Music, and isn’t commercially available.
UPDATE: Commenters have pointed out a similarity between this track by Hush Music and the track All I Want by Kodaline. Check it out via YouTube and see what you think. All I Want is available to download from iTunes.
FURTHER UPDATE: Kellogg’s have issued a statement saying: “The song used in our current storybook ad is an original created by an artist called Libby Kash. However, being mindful of Kodaline’s concerns, as a gesture of goodwill, we have decided to change the song. The new song will be in place the next time we run the ad.” The new Kellogg’s Storybook ad is here.

12 thoughts on “Kellogg’s – Storybook

  1. babs

    Please Hush Music bring out this song – yes I know Kodaline’s is ok but hasnt the same emotion as your version

    • yvonne blundell

      this song will be a number one. I would have liked it as a christening song x Yvonne B

  2. esra

    This is so frustrating. I know this song but not from Hush Music, from Kodaline! Even if i’m not in this “music business” i can understand this song is totally ripped of All I Want. Sorry for bad my bad English, not my native language.

  3. LB

    Got to this page by googling “song on Kelloggs advert” because I was hoping to be able to purchase it somewhere after finding out the artist. It’s such a lovely piece. Thanks for the info and sorry to hear it isn’t available, but hopefully if they get enough enquiries, that might change!

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