BT Sport – 2014/15 Premier League Season

Advert: BT Sport – 2014/15 Premier League Season
Music: A Tribe Called Red – Electric Pow Wow Drum

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BT Sport promote their 2014/15 Premier League offering with this ad, but it seems unlikely many Arsenal fans will be rushing to sign up. The ad, subtitled ‘Anfield 08.02.14’, focusses on Liverpool’s 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal, and features reactions from the likes of Rio Ferdinand and Jose Mourinho. There’s also a second ad (below) with even more Mourinho. Both ads feature the same track, Electric Pow Wow Drum by Canada’s A Tribe Called Red. It’s available to download from iTunes.


3 thoughts on “BT Sport – 2014/15 Premier League Season

  1. Stephen

    Mixture of techno and Sioux Indian , goes great with the football, makes me want to get the red and white war paint on as arsenal supporter. Man up that’s what sport is about… Arsenal supporter
    Well done bt

  2. Stephen

    Great tune though , gets your attention
    And I’m an arsenal supporter. Well done by on the advert

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