Marks and Spencer – Fashion Trends 2014

Advert: Marks and Spencer – Fashion Trends 2014
Music: Ed Sheeran – Sing

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M&S present a more slick and modern TV advert for their autumn/winter womenswear collection, featuring various models appearing in a large window display set. The soundtrack is from Ed Sheeran, who also presents a more slick and modern approach on his hit single Sing, from the album X. You can download Sing by Ed Sheeran from iTunes.

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15 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer – Fashion Trends 2014

  1. Neale

    love the look of the whole ad and music, snappy, stylish and fresh looking models. Another M&S hit for me.

  2. Janna-Lis Summers

    Love this advert, bang on trend, showcasing the wide range that is M&S set to great music. Snappy, effective, clever.
    Makes me want to check out the new collections.

  3. kate

    Brilliant ad, :)Excellant range for all age’s, great choice of song from the fabulous ed, keep up the good work guy’s & gal’s

  4. Emma

    Why has all the negative comments that were present on this site a couple of days ago gone? Bad form Mrks and spencer, shame on you if they are being removed and only the possitve ones left in place to give a false image

    • Paul

      Hi Emma, I have just checked and 14 comments have been removed from this post, all posted by you under two different names (but the same IP address). They were removed because this type of bulk posting is regarded as nuisance or spam, and not because the comments were negative. We happily allow negative and positive comments, however we can;t allow nuisance or spam comments, as they spoil the site for other users. If you have a strong complaint about this TV advert may I suggest you contact Marks & Spencer?

  5. :-)

    Girls are far too thin in this. I love seeing a girl with a nice figure even as an overweight woman but I like it when I see realistic figures on girls, these girls are just too thin -beautiful but too thin.

  6. Tina

    Just would like to say , I think your adverts are absolutely brilliant , whoever comes up with the idea is a genius well done to marks and Spencer’s . Keep up the good work

  7. Paula

    I thought its catchy and in line with LFW…it is now 2014…
    M &S has to change, like it or not… There are other up and coming stores in the Uk…
    This one has caught the attentions….I like it….

  8. Susanne

    what a awful advert. Mostly underwear, no clothing for the over fifties !! shocking!! we are probably your biggest customers

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