Yves Saint Laurent YSL – Black Opium

Advert: Yves Saint Laurent YSL – Black Opium
Music: Emma Louise – Jungle

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This TV ad for YSL’s Black Opium feminine fragrance was directed by Daniel Wolfe and features British model Edie Campbell on a mysterious journey through a cityscape. The music track is Jungle by Emma Louise, a 2014 single by the Australian singer-songwriter. A version of the song was previously released in 2013 as My Head Is A Jungle with German DJ Wankelmut, and was a top 5 hit here in the UK. Emma Louise’s solo version of Jungle, as featured in this ad, is available to download from iTunes.


One thought on “Yves Saint Laurent YSL – Black Opium

  1. The Love Salmon

    Emma Louise’s debut album (vs Head vs Heart) was released in 2013, but the song was actually released as a single in 2011. It was quite popular in Australia and several other countries, and was used in a commercial for a popular TV show.

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