Homepride – Fred About The House

Advert: Homepride – Fred About The House
Music: Franco Micalizzi – Amusement

Download soundtrack version from iTunes

Fred the Homepride man is back on TV in this ad for cooking sauces. ‘Everyone loves Fred,’ it suggests, although perhaps not the husband in this ad. The soundtrack will be familiar to fans of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, as it regularly pops up in that TV show. It’s a piece of music called Amusement by Italian soundtrack composer Franco Micalizzi, and, like much of the music used in Curb Your Enthusiasm, it’s from the Killer Tracks music library ‘Circus Cartoons Comedy’ collection. Music library tracks such as this aren’t usually made available to the public, but are instead sold to industry professionals for commercial use. You can, however, listen to the full track via the Killer Tracks website. (It’s the first track in the collection.) There is a version of the track available to download, on an unofficial Curb Your Enthusiasm soundtrack compilation, but it isn’t the version used in the Homepride ad (or in Curb Your Enthusiasm!). Nevertheless you can listen to a sample and download via iTunes.

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