Renault ZOE – All Is Calm

Advert: Renault ZOE – All Is Calm
Music: Whinnie Williams – That’s Entertainment

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Renault goes down the much-used ‘female vocalist sings cover of new wave classic’ route in this TV ad for the all-electric ZOE. The female vocalist is Whinnie Williams, and the new wave classic is The Jam’s That’s Entertainment. Whinnie Williams is a stage name of Jade Williams, who also goes by the name Sunday Girl. You may remember Sunday Girl’s version of The Pixies’s Where Is My Mind for a popular Thomson TV ad. Whinnie Williams’ version of That’s Entertainment isn’t currently available, but you can download the Jam original from iTunes.

6 thoughts on “Renault ZOE – All Is Calm

  1. Steven Jones

    Disagree with all the comments, really liked what I have heard so far. Same old story, people just don’t like change

  2. Tim

    If you’re going to cover a song either do it better or do it significantly different. This insipid, sickly murderisation (and if “murderisation” isn’t a word it should be) of this fantastic Jam song makes me want to vomit out of my ears.

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