Argos – Get Set For Advent Christmas 2014

Advert: Argos – Get Set For Advent Christmas 2014
Music: Run-DMC – Christmas In Hollis

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Argos rolls its ‘Get Set For’ campaign into Christmas 2014, where it becomes ‘Get Set For Advent’. The track featured in the ad is Run-DMC’s Christmas In Hollis, which was released as a single and on the A&M records compilation A Very Special Christmas in 1987, and featured in the classic Christmas-set movie Die Hard in 1988. Hollis is the neighbourhood in Queens, New York where Run-DMC grew up. The track is available to download from iTunes.

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5 thoughts on “Argos – Get Set For Advent Christmas 2014

  1. rach

    what a disaster of a advert you really didnt put any xmas thought into it , you tell me what is christmassy about it ?????

  2. Leslie Clift

    I HATE this advert it would not encourage me to buy anything from argos They should get the makers of the Freeview adverts to make one for them

  3. Graz D

    This is the worst Christmas ad I’ve ever seen. Just awful, no heart or soul and boring. Definitely won’t be going to Argos this year

  4. Collette Post

    Argos new ads are awful,bring back The Aliens or have celeb voiceovers.Lost their target audience shame glitter on kids toys horrible

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