Marks & Spencer – Follow The Fairies

Advert: Marks & Spencer – Follow The Fairies Christmas 2014
Music: Julie London – Fly Me To The Moon

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M&S launch their breathlessly-anticipated Christmas 2014 TV ad, and reveal what was behind their #FollowTheFairies social media campaign, by introducing two fashionable fairies, Magic & Sparkle, who aim to make this festive season the most sparkly yet. The track used in the ad is Fly Me To The Moon by Julie London. Fly Me To The Moon was written by Bart Howard, and originally recorded by Kaye Ballard in 1954. It’s subsequently been recorded by scores of popular artists, including Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole and, perhaps most famously, Frank Sinatra. Julie London’s version actually pre-dates Frank Sinatra’s – London’s was recorded in 1963, a year before Sinatra’s. You can download Fly Me To The Moon by Julie London from iTunes. There is also a Christmas Food Banquet ad, which uses the same song – see below. UPDATE: A new version of the ad, with a new version of the song, has been released – see Continuing The Magic.

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  1. Mr Tim Moss

    The Christmas food banquet features a pie with what appears to be a pear sticking out of the top. I would like to know what this pie is, but cannot find it on the M&S website. Can you help?

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