ITV4 – Sport in 2015

Advert: ITV4 – Sport in 2015
Music: Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel – White Lines (Don’t Do It)

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This preview of sport in 2015 on ITV4 includes football, rugby, darts, tennis and more, many of which involve the use of white lines, although not the sort referred to in the anti-drugs hip-hop track White Lines (Don’t Do It) by Melle Mel from 1983. Although the Sugar Hill record label credited the track to Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash doesn’t actually appear on the song. White Lines is available to download from iTunescover170x170 (2)

10 thoughts on “ITV4 – Sport in 2015

  1. Paul

    I realise that the overall message of the song is anti-drugs. I am well aware that the intention behind the song is to persuade young people not to do cocaine. Unfortunately large sections of the lyrics describe the act of taking cocaine and getting high and it is those parts of the song that ITV uses. Anyone who wanted to get the full message of the song would have to go away and listen to the original which of course nobody will. On the other hand anyone who is remotely tuned in to popular culture will immediately get the references to snorting cocaine and getting high and some will think it is an endorsement.

    No doubt it was put together as a pitch by some adolescent ad agency wags and passed for use by the sort of ITV execs who live in Gloucestershire, listen to classical music and have never heard of cocaine. It’s almost certain that they actually thought the song was about the white lines on a tennis court or a pitch. Jolly good show!

    As a sports person involved as an athlete and as a coach of youth sport I find this utterly repulsive and just wrong. ITV should stop using it immediately.

  2. Hayley J

    This song is totally wrong to use & I cannot believe for one minute that it was even suggested let alone passed. ‘White lines, going through my mind/the more I see the more I do/twice as sweet as sugar, twice as pure as salt and when you get hooked baby it’s nobody else’s fault’. These are just some of the lyrics that I remember. Good to advertise sport ??? Get real

  3. Andi Bolton

    What the hell were you lot thinking. I know the song denotes the use of but its all about cocaine use and addition. Cock Robin Award for STUPIDITY. WELL DONE

  4. crazydaisycrafts1

    good heavens! Never thought a sports ad would use a ode to cocaine as its background music

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