Asda – Our Biggest Ever Rollback

Advert: Asda – Our Biggest Ever Rollback
Music: T-Rex – Solid Gold Easy Action

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Asda launches its Biggest Ever Rollback with this TV ad, featuring the 1972 T-Rex hit Solid Gold Easy Action, written by Marc Bolan, and featuring ELO’s Jeff Lynne on guitar. It’s available to download from iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Asda – Our Biggest Ever Rollback

  1. Chris Hurst

    You shouldn’t use this, be more original, it’s totally inappropriate for you to use this, I won’t buy anything from Asda again until you stop using this song. You have no right to claim this song as your advert jingle. If you want to use the music why can’t you get some session mucisians to re record the song and adapt the lyrics to Asda.

  2. Andrew

    Loving the music. My favourite single of all time but Marc Bolan played the guitar not Jeff Lynne. “Hey, Hey, Hey!”

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