Jeep Renegade – Be Renegade

Advert: Jeep Renegade – Be Renegade
Music: George The Poet – Be Renegade

Are you looking for a more recent Jeep Renegade ad?

Jeep looks to appeal to a younger demographic with this TV ad for the new Renegade. The soundtrack was created for the ad by Hush Music and features George The Poet, the British rapper and – obviously – poet. George Mpanga, from Harlesden in London, has been nominated for Brit, MTV and BBC awards in 2015. The rap in this ad was written by Hush Music’s Paul Faulds. The soundtrack isn’t available to download, but look our for further collaborations between Jeep and Geroge The Poet in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Jeep Renegade – Be Renegade

  1. Simon

    Advert ruined by George the Poet, can’t stand that sort of South London put on accent… Puts me off buying Jeep again

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