BBC – If You Love Something Let It Show

Advert: BBC – If You Love Something Let It Show
Music: Rae Morris – All You Need Is Love

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This BBC promo ad is designed to encourage audiences to tell the Beeb what they love by clicking the heart button on BBC iPlayer, or tweeting and hashtagging. The soundtrack is a 60-second cover version of All You Need Is Love, sung by Blackpool singer and BBC Introducing find Rae Morris, and produced and arranged by Nick Foster. The cover isn’t available to download, but you can get the Beatles original from iTunes.

2 thoughts on “BBC – If You Love Something Let It Show

  1. John Calvert

    This ad, the featured programmes and BBC radio makes me realise what tremendously good value the Licence is.

    Two requests please.

    1. Extend licence to over a million ex pats in Europe ,now conventional satellite TV is unobtainable and viewers rely on internet TV. Think of the additional revenue!

    2. Please bring back Paxo on Newsnight even if you have to rename it Newsday and record it on a fly fishing river to tempt him back.

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