Simply Be – Spring 2015

Advert: Simply Be – Spring 2015
Music: Lucy Spraggan – Simply Be

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Simply Be launches its new season collection in this TV advert for spring 2015, featuring models Candice Huffine and Laura Catterall. The Simply Be song featured in the ad was specially written and performed by Lucy Spraggan, the former X-Factor contestant whose new album We Are is released in April and has a current single called Unsinkable. The Simply Be song only exists as this short jingle, and Lucy has no plans to release it as a full track.

20 thoughts on “Simply Be – Spring 2015

  1. wighty1942

    I think Lucy has arrived when her voice was replicated by a well known performer. Well done Lucy, you will go far. Good luck in all you do.

  2. Borky

    Oh Lucy! Will this be expanded my dear? My thoughts and prayers will be with you that you can think of a second verse and fulfill my dreams of a Spraggan/Simply Be combination hit.

  3. Jules

    Knew it must be Lucy her voice is so distinctive, love the song. Saw her at Young voices still performed even with broken leg.

  4. keiron

    I thought it was lucy so had to check to be positive it was and a great jingle it is too she’s a lyrical genius

  5. Mark Stockton

    Been trying to find this track ever since I heard it. PLEASE release it as a track Lucy I LOVE IT!!!!

  6. theresajayne

    This song would be a great hit, make it a full song and release it you will not be sorry….

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