CB12 – The Power Is Yours

Advert: CB12 – The Power Is Yours
Music: The Poolhouse Incident – Come On Come On

Download track free from the German CB12 website

CB12 is a breath-freshening mouthwash and chewing gum brand from Scandinavia (where it is marketed as SB12). The music track featured in this TV ad is Come On Come On by The Poolhouse Incident. Several visitors to our Requests page have noted a similarity to the Kills track Future Starts Slow. Have a listen and let us know what you think. UPDATE: Come On Come On by The Poolhouse Incident has been removed from iTunes but is now available as a free short ringtone or full track download from the German CB12 website. The full track download link is here. (Note that the ringtone is also available from the UK CB12 website, but the full track is only available from the German site.)


8 thoughts on “CB12 – The Power Is Yours

  1. Raj

    This is an adaptation of The Kills – The Future Starts Slow. Another song eerily similar is King City – Swim Deep

    • Paul

      Thanks Bruce, the track was released as a download today and the post above has been updated with links.

  2. paulene Temple-Jones

    Like this sensual advert for CB12 also love the music. Where can I download the music track

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