H&M – Spring Fashion 2015 Feat Daria

Advert: H&M – Spring Fashion 2015 Featuring Daria
Music: Yuna – Strawberry Letter 23

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Model Daria Werbowy stars in this TV ad for the H&M Spring fashion collection. The ad was filmed in Boyle Heights and Hollywood, Los Angeles. The song is Strawberry Letter 23, which was originally written and recorded by Shuggie Otis in 1971, but is best known from the version released by The Brothers Johnson in 1977. The Brothers Johnson version featured on the soundtrack of the 1997 Quentin Tarantino movie Jackie Brown. The cover version in this ad was synced by Ohlogy, a Swedish music and sound agency, and was specially recorded by Yuna, a Malaysian-born singer whose full name is name Yunalis Mat Zara’ai. Yuna’s version of Strawberry Letter 23 isn’t currently available, but you can download the Brothers Johnson version on iTunes.

6 thoughts on “H&M – Spring Fashion 2015 Feat Daria

  1. Diane B

    What a mesmerizing commercial. The song, model, location, and lighting perfectly capture a summer mood.

  2. Rich Wilson

    Yuna’s version of Strawberry Letter 23 isn’t currently available — BUT IT SHOULD BE!!! This is the way to start summer!!!

  3. carol skoyles

    Beautiiful advert, clothes and location but I live in Newcastle upon Tyne UK. Get in touch with your real customers H&M we don’t live that life!

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