Pilgrims Choice – Well Chosen

Advert: Pilgrims Choice – Well Chosen
Music: Destroyers – Weird Day (Guau Remix)

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A shopper chooses Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature Cheddar, leading to an outbreak of dancing at the cheese factory, in this fun TV ad. The track they are dancing to is the Guau Remix of Weird Day by Destroyers. It’s available to download on iTunes.


3 thoughts on “Pilgrims Choice – Well Chosen

  1. thomas stuart trevaskiss.

    I think the new pilgrims choice cheese tv advert is utterly stupid.and music is annoying to hear.i shall not be buying any cheese from this company.they need to change their adverting.it goes against all health and safety regulations or are all pilgrims choice cheese company staff iltrained.i wont to see this tv advert removed off tv airing.its certainly not funny.

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