Volvo XC90 – A New Beginning

Advert: Volvo XC90 – A New Beginning
Music: Avicii – Feeling Good

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This TV ad for the all-new Swedish-made Volvo XC90 features Swedish DJ and musician Avicii, who gets the chance to drive the car, and provides the soundtrack. Specifically recorded for the ad, the track is a fairly faithful cover of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, featuring vocals from Audra Mae. Avicii’s version of Feeling Good has been released as a single, and is available to download on iTunes.


11 thoughts on “Volvo XC90 – A New Beginning

  1. jack

    I am SO sick of hearing “Feelin’ Good.” I once loved this song (especially 1965 version sung by Nina Simone) until every imaginable contemporary pop singer started to cover it. The amount of airplay that Avicii’s version gets on this Volvo commercial [and including other covers of this song used on Nestle, Virgin Atlantic, ESPN’s 2005 Poker Tournament, NBA 2010 Draft Tournament, etc.] is making me sick. Now I can’t bear listening to this song. Once the TV commercial comes on, I grab the remote control and change the station. “Feelin’ Good” has got to be the most overused song for commercials. PLEASE PUT THIS SONG TO REST.

  2. Greg Squires

    Great talent and voice (Audra Mae)– yet most of these ads don’t even mention this (song) is a cover of Nina Simone…. almost as if Avecci created this classic song!!

  3. Ar Robbins

    Volvo (and others) need to print the artist’s credits in the add so we get the name and buy the music! Can’t afford the damn car!

  4. kilted

    so full of his own importance he doesnt even have the decency to mention the real talent on this video… the female vocalist… shame on Volvo … poor poor

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