Asda – The Pocket Tap Is Back

Advert: Asda – The Pocket Tap Is Back
Music: The Score – Oh My Love

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Asda’s money-saving pocket tap is back as part of the supermarket’s 50th birthday celebrations, with the catchy “Asda Price” slogan replaced by a somewhat less-catchy hashtag – #pockettap. The song used in the ad may or may not be catchy, depending on your point of view, but it’s definitely called Oh My Love by US pop band The Score. It’s available to download on iTunes. UPDATE: The song is also used in various Asda summer 2015 TV ads, see below.


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14 thoughts on “Asda – The Pocket Tap Is Back

  1. jacqueli

    it’s a great catchy tune the best advertise song I have ever heard pity it was only played for such a short time asda and the crew were great but the score who sang the song were terrific a right toe tapping tune the best ad on the telly.

  2. Jimmy Lee

    Are you all on crack?? Or just stooges paid by ASDA to comment? It’s a shit song and only middle aged mums would like it. Oh wait…….

  3. leanne

    Love the song asda I’m constantly singing it always puts me in a happy mood when I hear it. Yay !

  4. Christa Sharpe

    This is the best tune ever .You could be 8yrs or 80yrs and by the end of the advert you will be singing it .Just love it well done Asda.

  5. Tim France

    IMHO the tune is totally catchy. I have only been in the UK two weeks and it grabs me whenever I hear it. Great job ASDA with the choice, and to The Score of course!

  6. Janetpenson

    I’m an asda checkout chick and had great time taking part in the new adds “we are real college’s ” NOT actors

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