– You Dream, We Deliver

Advert: – You Dream, We Deliver
Music: Maurice Chevalier – You Were Meant For Me

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Victoria Plum, formerly Victoria Plumb, not to be confused with Victorian Plumbing (and absolutely nothing to do with Victoria’s Secret), has changed its name to, officially to emphasise the fact that it’s an online-only business, although consumers could be forgiven for being very confused indeed. Victoria Plum Limited and Victorian Plumbing Limited have been involved in a High Court legal dispute, which might end up alleviating some of the confusion. In the meantime, this TV ad features You Were Meant For Me by Maurice Chevalier. The song is from the very first MGM musical, 1929’s The Broadway Melody. French entertainer Chevalier’s version was released on his Today LP in 1958. It’s available to download on iTunes.