British Gas – No Place Like Home

Advert: British Gas – No Place Like Home
Music: Danny Elfman – Ice Dance

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British Gas shifts the tone of its TV ads with this animated effort, focussing not on engineers in vans, but on various cute animals, including a family of squirrels that viewers of a certain age may think look like Tufty and friends from the 1980s road safety ads. The music track is Danny Elfman’s Ice Dance, from his soundtrack to the 1990 film Edward Scissorhands, helping to give the ad a strangely Christmassy feel in mid-August. (Ice Dance was previously used in a Christmas ad – for McDonald’s in 2013.) You can download Ice Dance on iTunes. An identical TV ad with the same music is also running for British Gas’s Scottish brand Scottish Gas, see below.

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9 thoughts on “British Gas – No Place Like Home

    • Colin

      Can’t see an answer to the question re who’s voice is used in this British Gas ad……

      I’ve just watch a couple of really interesting progs on Now TV (‘How the Universe Works (5-6 episodes) and Discovery’s ‘Atlas’ series…..sounds very much like the same voice….credited as Richard Lintern.
      See what you think?

  1. Julie

    I had to look this up too, I could see Edward scissorhands carving ice sculptures and it snowing in the town below

  2. Linda

    I too was convinced this was from Edward Scissorhands but thought I must be wrong as I couldn’t believe British Gas would use it in an advert.

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