Facebook – Sport

Advert: Facebook – Sport
Music: Where Is My Mind (The Pixies) – Piano Version

Download piano version by Maxence Cyrin on iTunes
Donwload piano version by Maxence Cyrin at Amazon

Following on from the popular Friends TV ads, Facebook brings us this UK-specific sports TV ad, featuring football fans and other enthusiasts, and featuring another piano version of a popular song. The song in this ad is Where Is My Mind by The Pixies, a 1988 track by the US indie-rock favourites. A piano version of the song, by Guy Farley, was used previously in a Thomson ad in 2011, and then with added vocals, by Sunday Girl, in another Thomson ad in 2012. The Sunday Girl version is available on iTunes. If you’d prefer a pure piano version like the one in the ad, a Maxence Cyrin version is also available to download on iTunes:


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