Thomson Holidays – Time For A Holiday?

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Advert: Thomson Holidays – Time For A Holiday?
Music: Guy Farley – Where Is My Mind? (Instrumental)

Download Where Is My Mind by Guy Farley with vocals by Sunday Girl from iTunes
Download Where Is My Mind by Guy Farley with vocals by Sunday Girl from Amazon

An unusual choice of music for this Thomson ad, with sought after producer Guy Farley contributing a piano and orchestral reworking of the Pixies’ 1988 rock song Where Is My Mind? Farley, who also created the music for the current Muller ad, recorded the piece with a 39-piece orchestra, and performed the piano solo himself. The striking end result, we think, also has shades of Coldplay’s Fix You about it. This instrumental version is not currently available to download, but a vocal version featuring the voice of Sunday Girl is available. That vocal version will be used in subsequent Thomson ads in 2012. [UPDATE: The new version of the ad is now online.] Just click the links above to download.

37 thoughts on “Thomson Holidays – Time For A Holiday?

    • Paul

      Hi Paul, it looks like iTunes rearranged it’s catalogue, but the song is back up, just click the link above the video and you should now be able to get it.

  1. Mysku

    I must confess I thought it was Coldplay, if only because that’s how unimaginative I expect people in advertising to be… I actually had been singing the words to Where Is My Mind too!! Love The Pixies original, Surfer Rosa is a mighty piece of work!

  2. James

    I saw the Pixies live, including this, back in 1989. Simply stunning. One of the most wonderfully melancholic songs of all time. If they reform (again), beg, borrow or steal a ticket. One of the most amazing live bands of a generation.

    • Jbates1under

      Er, he’s not a thief you douche. If you bothered to read, you would see that is a rework of the original Pixies track. It’s just a lovely version of it.

  3. Andy

    ive loved this song for quite a while now but rather than the pixies ive always prefered city wolf’s version which is on the observe & report soundtrack (from the film) i think it has more edge than the Pixies original but thats just an opinion. when i heard the advert i knew sraight away which song it was, i have to say i really do appreciate it as a very good take on a very good song/tune.

  4. Sonia

    It’s definitely the Pixies, I can see how people think it’s Fix You by Coldplay as it’s very similar and I originally thought it was, but having heard it a second time it’s definitely the Pixies, one of the greatest bands ever. I’m always amazed (and chuffed) when adverts feature their music. The Pixies did the riff 20 years before Coldplay so Coldplay copied it and then tweaked it slightly to put their own slant to it.

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