Colman’s Beef Gravy – I Like The Way You Moo

Advert: Colman’s Instant Beef Gravy – I Like The Way You Moo
Music: Specially Recorded – I Like The Way You Moo

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This ad attempts to make beef gravy paste sound appetising by soundtracking an Aardman animation with a not-so-subtly-altered version of The Bodyrockers’ I Like The Way You Move. There have been numerous previous cow-related spoof versions of this song, all available on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “Colman’s Beef Gravy – I Like The Way You Moo

  1. AB

    Your ad is enough to turn me into a vegetarian! I doubt very much that any animals would rejoice at being turned into gravy for our consumption. Too bad we have to be so crudely reminded of its demise

  2. KC

    This is grossest advert on TV – really turns me to look at it – I have to switch over every time its on! Eeeugh!

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