Hovis – Good Inside

Advert: Hovis – Good Inside
Music: Tom Player – Good Inside

Hovis updates its traditional boy-on-bike TV ads with this 2015 edition, featuring three kids escaping from CGI walls and doors into the great outdoors. The cinematic soundtrack was composed specially for the ad by TV ad music specialist Tom Player. At the end of the ad, as the kids bite into their Hovis sandwiches, we do get a return to tradition with a brief snatch of the “Hovis theme”, a colliery band rendition of Dvorak’s Largo from his Symphony No 9 or New World Symphony. You can download Largo on iTunes.

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One thought on “Hovis – Good Inside

  1. Kevin Taylor

    Adverts are more clever than first thought. The music and product/service being advertised is well thought of and works well in most cases.

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