NatWest – Reward Account

Advert: NatWest – Reward Account
Music: LunchMoney Lewis – Bills

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A busy dad watches his household bills mount up in this TV ad, but finds solace in the fact that the new NatWest Reward current account pays cashback on some of them. The song is the very appropriate Bills by LunchMoney Lewis, a chart hit from earlier this year. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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9 thoughts on “NatWest – Reward Account

  1. Nicky

    Extremely sexist! I’m a female single parent now. I pay the bills with all the trauma that goes with it. To portray a man who struggles to pay bills is not on. I will not invest in NatWest…

    • zekethemeek

      Could you imagine how much of an utter nightmare it’d be living in a house with this guy? If you’re so hard up that you’re running around turning people’s goddamn lights off while they’re still reading or whatever, sell you iPad.

      I can only assume he’s a single parent. How he got custody of the kids given his borderline starvation-levels of destitution is beyond me.

  2. Charles Robertson

    The most irritating advert currently. The “I got bills…” song makes me want to smash my TV screen with a baseball bat. Corporate, patronising junk…

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