First Utility – Unicorn Power

Advert: First Utility – Unicorn Power
Music: Theo Vidgen – Unicorns

First Utility introduce HD electricity, powered by unicorn horns, and with the ability to boil water instantly and make food cook faster… or perhaps not. The point of this TV ad is that all electricity is the same, so why pay more? The suitably cinematic soundtrack is a bespoke orchestral piece by composer and TV Ad Music regular Theo Vidgen. The piece isn;t available to download, but you can listen to the full 60-second version via Theo’s Soundcloud page:

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One thought on “First Utility – Unicorn Power

  1. Barbara Norman

    I was put on hold during a telephone conversation : what was the fabulous song/music being played? Very earthy sound – male singer. It was not Hey Laura as suggested. This one had loads of beat and rhythm.

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