Channel 4 – True Colour TV

Advert: Channel 4 – True Colour TV
Music: Studio Killers & Asifa Lahore – True Colours

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Channel 4 promotes its commitment to reflecting Britain in all its diversity with this TV ad, featuring Muslim drag queen Asifa Lahore. The song Asifa is singing is True Colours by Studio Killers, a UK/European electro-pop band who perform as Gorillaz-style cartoon characters. Asifa’s version was recorded specially for the ad, but the Studio Killers original is available to download on iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “Channel 4 – True Colour TV

  1. Rachm

    I have the Studio Killers album but never really listened to it properly. I was super surprised when I decided to listen to it and found this song at the end haha!

  2. Daz

    Simply, 100% beautiful, as simple as that. If only C4 would do the whole song with a feature length advert. I’d watch it again, and again and again. Truly reflective of life, all of of our lives, here, now, today. Well done C4!!!!!!

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