TSB – Plus Account

Advert: TSB – Plus Account
Music: Anne Dudley’s Humonics – Henry’s Theme (Feat. David Morris)

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This latest animated TSB TV ad promotes the Plus account with “added plusness” when you save and when you spend. Once again there’s a voice-over from actress Kelly Macdonald, and the soundtrack is Henry’s Theme, created for the ad by composer Anne Dudley and “the world’s top whistler” David Morris. Henry’s Theme is available to download on iTunes.


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2 thoughts on “TSB – Plus Account

  1. Prentice Pilgrim (@w0tch1ng)

    The TSB music is the worst-it actually hurts my ears. I turn over when that advert comes on.

  2. Angela Cunningham

    This has to be one of the most annoying irritating pieces of music I have ever heard in my life, I press the mute button on my remote when it comes on, please ffs change the music TSB

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