Renault Twingo GT – Playful Chassis

Advert: Renault Twingo GT – Playful Chassis
Music: Mathieu Lafontaine & Ariane Zita – Playful Chassis

A little girl zooms around in a tiny Renault Twingo GT that’s even smaller than her mother’s real thing in this TV ad. The ad was shot in Montreal, and the little driver is five-year-old Lila Kalis, the daughter of US pro skateboarder Josh Kalis. The French punk-pop soundtrack was specially composed for the ad by Mathieu Lafontaine and Ariane Zita (Ariane-Zita Pouliot Castonguay) for Montreal-based Apollo Studios. It’s not available to download. There is also another ad, Go Play, also featuring the mini Twingo and the same music track, see below.

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