Sainsbury’s – Treat Her Right

Advert: Sainsbury’s – Treat Her Right (Mother’s Day)
Music: Mr T – Treat Your Mother Right

The Sainsbury’s 2017 Mother’s Day TV ad uses the black and white home video footage style of the popular Food Dancing ad, and pairs it with a deliciously obscure soundtrack. I pity the fool who doesn’t know that the song is Treat Your Mother Right by Mr T (real name Lawrence Tureaud), the actor best known for playing BA Baracus in the A-Team. It’s taken from his 1984 motivational video for kids called Be Somebody… or Be Somebody’s Fool!, and the accompanying soundtrack album. It was also released as a single in some parts of the world. The rap was written by another famous “Mr T” – Ice-T. Unfortunately, neither the album or the single are currently available. They were never released on CD, never mind download. However, you can enjoy watching Mr T sing the full version of the song in the video below. (and if you’d really like to own the vinyl album, you can find it on the Discogs marketplace.)

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