Virgin Media – This is Virgin Fibre

Advert: Virgin Media – This is Virgin Fibre
Music: Dick Dale and his Del-Tones – Misirlou

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This pretty epic Virgin Media TV ad features a huge cast of film, TV and sports characters (look out for Usain Bolt) racing down a Virgin Fibre cable, all to the 1960s surf-rock sound of Misirlou by Dick Dale and his Del-Tones, best known for being featured on the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction. Misirlou is available to download on iTunes.

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13 thoughts on “Virgin Media – This is Virgin Fibre

  1. Krissie Sherwood

    Please someone find out the muppets name. It keeps driving me mad. Don’t think it’s scooter, thought it may be Burt or Ernie, but don’t think it’s eith of them either. Aaah,
    bless him, he’s terrified.

  2. Claire

    Still no one knows who the little puppet driving the gangster car with the letter S on his T shirt is? He looks so scared – poor soul!

  3. Alfred

    Best tv advert ever, the little puppet driving the car with guys riding shotgun is the best ever,whoever produced and dieected this is a genius

  4. Tony Zajac

    Who is the girl wearing the cowboy hat featured in the new, “This is Virgin Fibre” TV Ad? No-on seems to be able to tell me!!!

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