Boots No7 – Age-Defying Serum

Advert: Boots No7 – Age-Defying Serum
Music: Ruelle – Take It All

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A woman leaps to her death from the window of a tall building in this TV ad for Boots’ No 7 brand. Not really, of course. The leap is actually a stunt performed by 50-year-old stuntwoman Amanda Foster in order to promote No7 Age-Defying Serum. The song is Take It All by Ruelle, AKA US singer/songwriter Maggie Eckford, who has something of a track record in having her music featured on TV. Take It All was released as a single in 2015 and is available to download on iTunes.

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5 thoughts on “Boots No7 – Age-Defying Serum

  1. Margaret O'Hare

    I absolutely agree with all the comments I thought I was the only one thinking those thoughts Absolutely thoughtless advert .Shame on you. .

  2. Hilary Burgess

    What utterly bad taste. I’m
    Sure it must upset a lot of people. How has this one got past the toothless Advertising Standards Authority. It needs taking off air.

  3. Tony Dillon

    How on earth can you justify showing that advert before 9pm, who would buy your product from such an awful advertisement, a total disregard for children watching daytime tv, I say it show at 5.45 on Friday 28th, totally unnecessary.

  4. Daphne Fulton

    Absolutely disgusting advert brings back terrible memories of the Twin Towers and the people who had to jump to their deaths. Needs to be removed immediately .

  5. Gillian Beale

    Awful Awful advert.. what is supposed to be enticing us to buy about woman falling from a skyscraper. I certainly will not be rushing to Boots as a result of seeing this. Quite the opposite.

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