Giffgaff – Free To Go Free To Stay

Advert: Giffgaff – Free To Go Free To Stay
Music: The Walker Brothers – Stay With Me Baby

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Another strikingly inventive TV ad from Giffgaff, this one sees a swimmer take a leap from a diving board on a fantastic journey into space before splashing down to earth for a kiss – breaking the swimming pool’s “no bombing” and “no heavy petting” rules. The suitably epic song is Stay With Me Baby by the Walker Brothers from 1967. It’s actually a cover version of the even more epic and emotional soul classic Stay With Me by Lorraine Ellison from the previous year. If you like the song, do check out the original for one of the most amazing vocal performances ever committed to vinyl. But for the excellent and very faithful cover used in the ad, you can download the Walker Brothers version on iTunes. UPDATE: Giffgaff has also released a series of short slow-motion ads featuring various colourful collisions, including bowling ball vs cake (see below), cactus vs balloon, golf club vs egg, and slingshot vs milkshake. All feature the same song, Stay With Me Baby by the Walker Brothers.

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