Lloyds Bank – By Your Side

Advert: Lloyds Bank – By Your Side
Music: Hannah Grace – Praise You

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Britain has seen great change over the past 250 years (not to mention the last 12 months), and this TV ad, featuring the return of the iconic black horse, says that, through it all, Lloyd’s Bank has always been by your side. The delicate piano and vocal song is Praise You by Hannah Grace. It’s nominally a cover of Praise You by Fatboy Slim, the big beat mash-up track from Norman Cook’s 1998 You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby album. But that track was based around a prominent sample of Take Yo’ Praise by Camille Yarbrough, a deep soul cut from 1975, so the Hannah Grace version is really a cover of this. Hannah Grace is a singer from Bridgend, South Wales, who began her career posting covers on YouTube. Praise You by Hannah Grace is available to download on iTunes.

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7 thoughts on “Lloyds Bank – By Your Side

  1. Cindy

    Wasn’t particularly keen on praise you but that’s because I never liked the song, the ad was good. But the running horses along the beach and by your side – BRILLIANT!!

  2. kat

    This advert is absolutely disgraceful. Playing on the emotions of a black horse Lloyds are not different to any other bank – oh by your side – it should be taken off the television – oh lloyds dont make money out of people being in debt I have to switch it over

  3. Adrian Horne

    What an excellent idea. Shame I’ve never seen it before as I lose so much TV trying to put a name to the last adverts 🙁
    My life revolves around my TV, laptop etc due to my Multiple Sclerosis keeping me indoors, I’m also divorced etc so this will be hugely popular with me.
    Thank you xx

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