Canon – Live For The Story: Boundaries

Advert: Canon – Live For The Story: Boundaries
Music: Mikey Mike – Doin’ Me

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This beautifully shot Canon TV ad follows a young man as he sets off on his bike to meet friends, take risks and grow up. The uplifting hip-hop and school choir soundtrack is Doin’ Me by Mikey Mike, an LA-based rapper with an unusual guerilla style of promotion, using billboards and flyers asking “Have you seen this man? Owes 2.3 million dollars in child support”. Produced by Rick Rubin, Doin’ Me was released as a single in February. It’s available to download on iTunes. Note that the full version features “explicit” lyrics.

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One thought on “Canon – Live For The Story: Boundaries

  1. Mayur

    Where was this shot? I really love the shot with him cycling up to his friends and it’s raining. Beautiful.

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