Citroen C1 – For C1TY Lovers

Advert: Citroën C1 – For C1TY Lovers
Music: Isaac Delusion – How Much (You Want Her) 2017

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Citroën launch a series of TV ads for the C1, “For C1TY Lovers”. The main ad, featuring a couple in very tall dinosaur and bearskin hat costumes, promotes the C1 Airscape with sliding canvas roof. Other ads (see below) promote the car’s colour combinations and 7″ touchscreen. The song is the 2017 mix of How Much (You Want Her) by Isaac Delusion, from the Paris electropop group’s Rust & Gold album. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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One thought on “Citroen C1 – For C1TY Lovers

  1. Karen Hunter

    Have just seen the advert for the Citroen C1 and noticed that when the man with the bearskin gets into the car he is on the passenger side but when the car drives off he’s in the driving seat

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