Sainsbury’s – Table Squish

Advert: Sainsbury’s – Table Squish
Music: Tetris “Type A” Video Game Theme

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This Sainsbury’s TV ad is crammed with so many chicken, pasta and fish summer food recipes that it causes a “table squish”. The soundtrack will be familiar, as it’s the theme tune from the hugely popular Nintendo Game Boy video game Tetris. It’s actually based on the 19th century Russian folk song Korobeiniki, but was rearranged in 8-bit style in 1989 as “Tetris Type A” by Nintendo composer Hirokazu Tanaka. There are various versions available, including a Dubstep version by Doctor P, but the version in the ad sounds nearest to that found on the 8-Bit Universe Vol 10 compilation. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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