Virgin Trains – Decision Time, Valerie

Advert: Virgin Trains – Decision Time, Valerie
Music: Spandau Ballet – True

Music: Richard Devine (Finger Music) – Speedcore Track

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Valerie has a decision to make in this pair of TV ads. How will she get to her job interview? By Virgin Trains, or by car or plane? Or, Virgin says, Spandau Ballet or Speedcore, suggesting the train journey will be relaxing like an 80s pop song, and the car and plane journeys will be stressful like a thrash rock track. Some viewers, of course, will prefer the rock track. In any case, the 80s pop song is True by Spandau Ballet. It’s available to download on iTunes. The Speedcore track was composed in-house for the ad by Richard Devine at Finger Music. It isn’t available to download.

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