Dogs Trust – Little Balloon Doggy

Advert: Dogs Trust – Little Balloon Doggy
Music: Charlie Harper – True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston cover)

Daniel Johnston version on iTunes
Daniel Johnston version on Amazon

Three little balloon doggies find their forever homes, and so do the three real dogs, in this TV ad for the Dogs Trust welfare charity. The interesting choice of soundtrack is a specially recorded cover version of the song True Love Will Find You in the End, originally written and recorded by cult singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston in 1984. It has been covered by numerous artists, including Beck and Wilco. This new version is sung by Charlie Harper, a composer and artist for the SATV production music library. Charlie’s version isn’t currently available, but you can download the Daniel Johnston version on iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “Dogs Trust – Little Balloon Doggy

  1. Terry Macdonald

    Hey! Good old Charlie Harper and Daniel Johnson! The singer from one of the best UK punk bands ever, the UK Subs, singing a song from one of the most underrated songwriters in US history, Daniel Johnson, all over prime time TV! And all for a good cause too! Make the most of it while it lasts boys, as it won’t happen again… Unfortunately!

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