Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – Taste The Feeling

Advert: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – Taste The Feeling
Music: Keeley Bumford & William Makar – Taste The Feeling

Avicii / Conrad Sewell version in iTunes

Coca-Cola might have been too hasty to launch this ad, as they currently have one of the most popular ads of the year – the poolboy ad featuring the song Come Prima. This one, promoting the Coke Zero rebrand to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, features the return of the Taste The Feeling “Coke anthem”, recently recorded and released as a download by Avicii and Conrad Sewell, and now re-recorded by Keeley Bumford and William Makar. This latest version isn’t available to download.

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One thought on “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – Taste The Feeling

  1. Annie Clark

    Nice ad but kicking football , running around on the beach etc with glass bottles is totally irresponsible!! Weren’t we all taught as kids not to run around with glasses or bottles !!! ???
    Got it so wrong there .

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