eBay – Shop Like Nobody Else

Advert: eBay – Shop Like Nobody Else
Music: Andy Hull & Robert McDowell – Montage (From “Swiss Army Man”)

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When did shopping get so beige? That’s the question posed by this very colourful and non-beige TV ad from eBay inviting viewers to “fill your cart with colour”, and to “shop like nobody else, because you aren’t like anyone else”. The featured song is taken from the soundtrack of the 2016 movie Swiss Army Man by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of indie band Manchester Orchestra – who are from Atlanta, not Manchester. This track is called Montage, and it features vocals by the film’s two stars, Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. So this is the first song ever featured on TV Ad Music with Harry Potter on it. Montage is available to download on iTunes.

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      Hi Peter, we took a break for a few days, but everything should now be up to date. Pressing refresh on the homepage should see you right.

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