Specsavers – Vinyl

Advert: Specsavers – Vinyl
Music: Lester Bowie – The Great Pretender

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This amusing TV ad promoting Specsavers’ kids’ glasses offer shows a dad trying to enjoy his vinyl record collection while his son washes the “dishes”, with unfortunate results. The song the dad is trying to listen to is a jazz club version of The Great Pretender, originally a hit for the Platters in 1956, and later covered by Freddie Mercury. This version is uncredited, but (with help from Patrick in the comments section) we’ve identified it as an interpretation by jazz trumpeter Lester Bowie. The most commonly available Lester Bowie version is a very avant garde 17-minute take from his 1981 The Great Pretender studio album. But the version in the ad (which may be a re-record) bears much closer resemblance to a much snappier 3-minute live take, released on another album called The Great Pretender in 2014. The shorter version is available to download on iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “Specsavers – Vinyl

    • Paul

      Great spot Patrick. It may be a live version or a re-record, but certainly the Lester Bowie version. We’ve updated the post with a credit to you for the spot!

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