TUI – Discover Your Smile

Advert: TUI – Discover Your Smile
Music: Woodwork Music – Ain’t Nobody (Rufus & Chaka Khan cover)

Rufus & Chaka Khan on iTunes
Rufus & Chaka Khan on Amazon

Thomson has now officially taken the name of parent company TUI, and if you didn’t already know that you most certainly do now thanks to a multi-million pound advertising campaign, spearheaded by this big production, all-singing, all-dancing TV ad, featuring 45 dancers, 50 extras, and more than 100 TUI staff members. Such a shame, then, that they’ve chosen to soundtrack the ad with a terribly insipid cover version of the very excellent 1983 soul-funk classic Ain’t Nobody by Rufus and Chaka Khan. The trend for anaemic covers of classic songs in TV ads is long established, but replacing a funky dance track with a non-toe-tapping cover would seem to render the choreography of this ad completely pointless. The version in the ad is a bespoke recording by Woodwork Music, the actress/dancer we see is Bethany Louise Slater, and the singer we hear is Alice Higgins. The ad version isn’t commercially available. Luckily you can download the Rufus & Chaka Khan original on iTunes.

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59 thoughts on “TUI – Discover Your Smile

  1. Andrew Bennett

    When the ad was new I wasn’t keen, but after a week “Pow!” I suddenly liked it! Looked forward to it, still do.
    The original Chaka Khan/Rufus wouldn’t work; the rather shy, girly voice compliments the “ordinary holidaymaker” girl we see very well – the two did this just right.
    The crabs, staff, extras are overshadowed.

  2. Jules

    Please don’t even consider making any more tripe like this for us poor souls to endure. It’s simply awful. I’d be very embarrassed if I were you lot.

  3. Ac

    The advert is crap, cheap and nasty a four year old could do better with just a little imagination.
    The singing was not good definitely means I will not book anything through tui.
    I reckon this was done on someone’s phone the total lack of imagination in making this stupid advert makes me skip it every time or if i cannot I change channel immediately.
    Utter crap

  4. Christine

    I hate it!!! The so-called singer is awful and what are those people doing….looks cheap and very nasty. When it comes on we have a race to see who can pause it first so that we don’t have to listen to that insipid girl. Embarrasing to say the least. GET IT OFF!!!

  5. Shirley Wardrope

    The advert with the girl singing, I’m sorry to complain but I absolutely hate it, every time I hear it I want to scream.

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