Apple iPhone X – Animoji Yourself

Advert: Apple iPhone X – Animoji Yourself
Music: Big Boi – All Night

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Another Apple TV ad promoting the iPhone X, this one invites viewers to “Animoji Yourself” – something that is likely to completely baffle anyone over a certain age. The song is All Night by Big Boi from the recent album Boomiverse. It’s available to download on iTunes. You can get the iPhone X with no upfront cost on Sky Mobile.

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3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone X – Animoji Yourself

  1. Lynne

    Whoever she is, I hope she got paid a large amount for making herself look ridiculously stupid with her silly facial expressions. If she had been left out of the advert it would have been enjoyable. She is sickening to look at when she’s ‘singing’. Antimony’s did a much better job.

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