Hyundai Kona – You Drive It, You Define It

Advert: Hyundai Kona – You Drive It, You Define It
Music: Jakob Rabitsch – Roll The Dice

This global TV ad for the all-new Hyundai Kona has a strong look and an ear-catching sound. The ad was directed by William Armstrong for Berlin’s Markenfilm production company. The music was composed by Jakob Rabitsch for the Butter Music + Sound agency. Austrian-born Rabitsch is a composer, producer and musician based at Butter’s Berlin office. Confusingly, Hyundai’s press release for this ad also mentions Yak Attack – a group from Portland, Oregon – and seems to credit an artist named Hero. Jakob Rabitsch has confirmed via social media that he is indeed the composer. In any case, unfortunately the music is not commercially available.

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