Iceland Foods – Christmas Power of Frozen

Advert: Iceland Foods – Christmas Power of Frozen
Music: Carl Orff – Gassenhauer

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Iceland Foods last year slammed the “Christmas in November” attitude of its rivals and took the moral high ground by delaying its Christmas TV ads until December. In 2017, the frozen food supermarket with its own online bingo website has delayed its ads, but only until the back-end of November. Once again, the ad invites viewers to discover the “Power of Frozen” this Christmas, and it features the same soundtrack as previous ads. The track is Gassenhauer (Street Song) from German composer Carl Orff’s Schulwerk, a 1920s project conceived to teach music in schools. If it sounds familiar, that’s probably because it has featured in numerous TV and film soundtracks, and most notably was effectively covered by Hans Zimmer (as You’re So Cool) for the movie True Romance. Gassenhauer is available to download track on iTunes.


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