Sainsbury’s – Every Bit of Christmas

Advert: Sainsbury’s – Every Bit of Christmas
Music: Every One of Us x Sainsbury’s – Every Bit of Christmas (Every Bit of This)

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As has now become tradition, Sainsbury’s wait until after Remembrance Sunday to launch their Christmas TV ad. But, going against recent tradition, this isn’t a big glossy epic. Instead it’s a karaoke-themed ad, shot in the black and white style familiar from this year’s previous Sainsbury’s ads, featuring a cast of ordinary people (plus Ricky Tomlinson and Kermit the Frog!) singing about their Christmas traditions, from brussel sprouts to classics on the telly. The song, Every Bit of Christmas (Every Bit of This), was specially written for the ad by rapper, comedian and actor Doc Brown, real name Ben Smith. It has been released as a single, credited to Every One of Us x Sainsbury’s. It’s available to download on iTunes.

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7 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s – Every Bit of Christmas

  1. Kim Bevan

    I was in Sainsbury’s today and heard this song while standing at the checkout, what an annoying song made me want to go back to Tesco’s

  2. Sue

    Does no one in the UK sing in tune any more? Bring back music in schools quickly so we don’t havs to endure another advert like this.

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