Audi – Snow

Advert: Audi – Snow
Music: Faultline – Sleigh Ride (feat. Robyn Sherwell)

Andrews Sisters version on iTunes
Ronettes version on iTunes

As unexpected as it sounds, the R8 V10 plus has a snow mode. That’s the message of this festively wintry Audi TV ad, shot on a frozen lake in northern Finland, and soundtracked by a version of the song Sleigh Ride specially-recorded by Faultline (AKA producer David Kosten, who has recorded covers for the last couple of Audi ads) with vocals by singer Robyn Sherwell. Sleigh Ride was originally an instrumental composed in the 1940s by Leroy Anderson. The first vocal version was released by The Andrews Sisters in 1950. Another popular version was released by Ella Fitzgerald a decade later. But the most popular version was released on the A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector album in 1963 by The Ronettes. All of those versions are available by clicking the links to download on iTunes.