Tesco – Food Stories: Jane’s Fish Cakes

Advert: Tesco – Food Love Stories: Jane’s Fish Cakes
Music: Lesley Gore – You Don’t Own Me

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Jane’s partner loves it when she makes fish cakes, but he’s in the dog house, so she might just make him watch her eat them, in this Tesco Food Love Stories TV ad. The song is defiant 1963 pop classic You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore, which was covered more recently by Australian singer Grace. The Lesley Gore original is available to download on iTunes.

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One thought on “Tesco – Food Stories: Jane’s Fish Cakes

  1. Stephen Brooks

    This is the first song I went to when I kept hearing those opening piano chords on the yourtv ads for their own shows. I finally found (thanks to this site) that it was Roo Savill singing it’s All Gone. I have just listened to that particular song and for me those opening chords are undeniably similar. But I have another earworm, it reminds me of an old soul song from the 60s, and I think our own Paloma Faith sang a song very like it in mood. Hey, what’s wrong with plagiarism when it’s brilliant.

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